Nestle Helps Superior Grocers 'Set the Table'

Glendale, Calif. — Nestlé USA is partnering with 41 Superior Grocers stores in the Los Angeles area to help Hispanic consumers “Set the Table” for healthier, balanced meals through a nine-month bilingual campaign that began in April. Simultaneously, the campaign partners will provide $50,000 to 10 local Boys & Girls Clubs with predominantly Hispanic membership to educate their members on healthy eating.

The “Set the Table” campaign is part of Nestlé’s “El Mejor Nido” (“The Best Nest”) communication platform, which was launched in 2012 to target U.S. Hispanics with messages around nutrition, health and wellness that incorporate ethnic traditions, says Margie Bravo, multicultural marketing manager for Nestlé. The company has partnered with Boys & Girls Clubs on various initiatives over the last 15 years.

“While consumers might understand the benefits of eating balanced meals at home, many people are faced with challenges that prevent them from eating healthier,” Bravo says. “Our ‘Set the Table’ program is anchored on this insight, putting front and center several meal ideas that incorporate Nestlé products the entire family likes, are easy to prepare and are cost-effective for our consumers.”

Superior Grocers saw the campaign as an opportunity to step up its role in helping consumers make healthy choices that are cost- and time-efficient, says Brad Maehara, vice president of center store procurement. “Our stores and the Boys & Girls Clubs are located in the same communities, many of which are predominantly comprised of families who are on tight budgets. With this program, not only are we helping the clubs educate their members on the importance of nutrition but also highlighting quality products made with better ingredients that fit their lifestyles and budgets.”

Nestlé starts shoppers on the path to purchase with its bilingual website,, and continues with Facebook, Pinterest and YouTube pages as well as Spanish-language advertising, Bravo says. In early May, the company held an event at the Challengers Boys & Girls Club in Los Angeles to present $5,000 checks to three of the clubs and to provide “delicious, balanced meals,” she says. Later in the year, Nestlé will present the remaining seven checks at another event.

Superior Grocers has raised awareness out-of-store through weekly ads distributed to thousands of homes, the website and a Facebook page, Maehara says. In-store, the partners are using bilingual circular ads, leaflets, coupons, freezer clings and in-store radio spots “designed to drive customers to try products that can help them balance meals at home.”

A cross-functional team of chefs and nutritionists and Nestlé’s multicultural marketing team worked with shopper marketing agency Geometry Global, New York, to develop the “Set the Table” program. The company will measure success through volume and redemption of in-store coupons as well as by the number of community members who benefit, Bravo says.

“These 10 clubs are part of a network of 26 local clubs in the Los Angeles area that currently serve more than 140,000 children and their families in need – 80% of whom are of Hispanic descent,” Bravo says. “Additionally, we believe we can help educate thousands of families across 41 Superior Grocers locations about the benefits and ease of building balanced meals incorporating Nestlé products.”

“We understand the role that grocery stores play in helping families eat healthily at home,” Maehara adds, “and we take pride in offering thousands of healthy products across our locations – from fresh fruit and produce to lower-calorie frozen prepared foods. Collaborating with companies like Nestlé USA to create community programs that promote nutrition, health and wellness helps us help our customers lead healthier lifestyles.”

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